University of Georgia - Department of Geology
GEOL 3030 Elementary Oceanography
Prof. L. Bruce Railsback


Course evaluations: Students at the University of Georgia are asked to evaluate the courses that they take and the instructors who teach those courses.  The students' job is twofold:

1) To provide feedback to the instructor, and

2) To provide evaluative comments to department heads, to committees making decisions about promotion and tenure, and to heads and/or committees allocating raises (in those years where raises exist).

Students are reminded that positive as well as negative comments are useful in this process.  A student who has a negative impression of a course or instructor should feel free to share those thoughts, and a student who has a positive impression should feel encouraged to share those thoughts.  Heads and committees do not take non-comments as passive endorsements of a course or instructor; they instead expect positive comments as the only evidence of a positive impression.

GEOL 3030 course evaluations are completed by accessing the Franklin College evaluation website.

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