Hints for answering the questions for the GEOL 3030 Tsunami Travel Time exercise
GEOL 3030 - University of Georgia

One way to complete the calculations for this exercise efficiently is to use a spreadsheet in an application like Excel, or like the freely available Open Office Spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are great for tasks where you will make the same calculation again and again, just with different inputs. You'll just have to write the calculation once as a formula, and then you can click-and-drag that formula into as many cells as needed for your repetitions of the calculation. Part of a spreadsheet for this exercise might look something like the example below. The formulae in cells D6, F6, G6, and H6 were written once and then dragged into the cells below Row 6. Only the entries in Columns C and E had to be entered uniquely from each measurement on the map.





If you're new to spreadsheets, you can download an Excel spreadsheet for people who have never used a spreadsheet.


Contact your dutiful instructor if you have more questions!.


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