Some GEOL 3030 RAQs
(recently answered questions)

Here are some questions asked recently by 3030 students, and the answers to those questions. They are in roughly chronological order, with the most recent additions at the last of the list.

1. What should I focus on for the exams?

     I will make up the exams by going through my lecture notes and looking for things to ask about. I will also look for exam questions from material made available via the course website. I will not examine the textbook for possible questions, although it covers many topics covered in lecture and therefore will have material relevant to the exam questions that are based on the lectures. .

2. What parts of the lectures are material for exam questions?

     Everything covered in lecture is material that may be the subject of a question on an exam. We haven't been wasting lecture time on irrelevant material.

3. Will there be a study guide distributed before each exam?

     No, because a study guide would have to recapitulate everything we've covered in lecture. Your lecture notes are your best study guide for the exam.

4. How can I bring up my grades?

     Just prepare well for the final exam. Because students can prepare fully for the essay question, final exam grades are almost always higher than previous exam grades and thus provide an opportunity to bring up a grade that may otherwise be lower than desired.

5. How long should answers be for the essay questions on the final exam?

    Long enough to answer the question. That may mean that an answer is only three paragraphs or so long, whereas another question may require a longer answer. You should not assume that a voluminous answer is needed for each question.

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