Creation Stories from around the World

Encapsulations of some traditional stories
explaining the origin of the Earth, its life, and its peoples

Fourth Edition July 2000


Table of Contents

No. Story Land or People
Page in print edition
  Title Page of the print version   i
  Preface   iv
1 The Four Creations Hopi 1
2 Odin and Ymir Norse 4
3 The Separation of Heaven and Earth Maori 6
4 The Story of Corn and Medicine Cherokee 8
5 The Origin of Japan and Her People Japan 11
6 Death, and Life and Death Kono 14
7 The Apache Creation Jicarilla Apache 16
8 Creation by and of the Self India 20
9 Marduk Creates the World from the Spoils of Battle Babylonia 21
10 The Golden Chain Yoruba 23
11 The Menominee and Manabush Menominee 25
12 The Naba Zid-Wendé Mossi 27
13 Pan Gu and Nü Wa China 29
14 Yahweh Hebrew 31
15 The Elohim Hebrew 33
16 A Potawatomi Story Potawatomi 35
17 Birth in the Dawn Hawaii 37
18 Life from Moon and the Stars Wakaranga 39
19 Two Brothers and their Grandmother Seneca 40
20 The Moon and the Morning Star Wichita 42
21 Gaia Ancient Greece -
        An illustration for the Greek story    
  Afterword: Chief Seattle's Speech Dwamish 44
  Summation   46

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