Beach and Shoreline Sands From Around the World

by Elizabeth H. Kennair and Bruce Railsback


We would like to thank the following people for contributing many of the sands shown on these pages:

Dr. Gilles O. Allard
Ms. Karen Anderson
Ms. Lisa Miller Baldini
Dr. James U. L. Baldini
Dr. Celeste M. Condit
Dr. Deirdre Condit
Ms. Julia E. Cox
Dr. Douglas E. Crowe
Ms. Tina Deleuran
Dr. Joe T. Elkins
Mr. Irwin (Doc) Epstein
The Fiji Mineral Resources Department
Dr. Elizabeth Gardiner
Dr. Susan T. Goldstein
Dr. Ian Grey
Dr. Steve M. Holland
Mr. Edward C. Hood
Dr. J. Hatten Howard III
Dr. Brenna Lorenz
Mr. David Monroe
Dr. Roxanne Parrott
Ms. Margaret A. Rafter
Dr. Amy J. Reeder
Mr. Brian Robson
Dr. Rolf Roley and Mrs. Jean Roley
Ms. Julie Rosdeutscher
Mr. Joshua Sternberg
Dr. Sally E. Walker
Dr. Anna J. Williams
Mr. Tycjan Wodzinowski
Mr. Chad Wolak
Mr. Tom Woodruff
Dr. James E. Wright
Dr. Sandra J. Wyld
Dr. Patricia L. Yager

We also thank Mr. Jeffrey E. Clippard and Mr. Mark Heiges for their help in generating the images and making our webpages work, and Dr. Susan T. Goldstein for her advice with regard to the subtleties of photography.


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