Beach and Shoreline Sands From Around the World

by Elizabeth H. Kennair and L. Bruce Railsback
Department of Geology, University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602-2501 USA

This set of webpages presents images of beach sands and shallow marine sands from around the world. These images are organized by composition, by plate-tectonic setting, and by geographic setting.

Each of the "Images" pages below presents multiple thumbnail images that are links to detailed images and to microscopic views. Be sure to look at the images from the microscope - they're the highlight of this website. To see the microscope views, just click on icons like the one at the right. Image

An Introduction to Beach and Shoreline Sands
Images of siliciclastic sands organized by plate tectonic setting (36 images)
Images of siliciclastic sands from passive continental margins: glaciated vs. non-glaciated (21 images)
Images of carbonate sands (31 images)
Images of mixed carbonate-and-siliciclastic sands (9 images)
Images of the diverse sands of Hawaii (11 images)
Images of sands from the southeastern U.S. Atlantic coast: a geographic transition (11 images)
Just a fun page: Images of sands compiled to illustrate the variability of colors of sand

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