Earth Scientist's Periodic Table


Fundamentals of Quaternary Science

Atlas of Speleothem Microfabrics

Dynamic Plate Tectonics

Petroleum Geoscience and Subsurface Geology

Virtual Field Trips


GEOL 1122 - Historical Geology

GEOL 3030 - Elementary Oceanography

Illustrations in Oceanography

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Bruce Railsback's Geoscience Resources

This page is the index to the website hosting resources previously available at The transition from that website to this one is still in progress. The old website still existed in its entirety as of 23 March 2019.

The University of Georgia Department of Geology has a standard faculty page for Bruce Railsback.   This page provides links to resources beyond those on the standard faculty page.


General resources

  • An Earth Scientist's Periodic Table - a new synthesis of geochemistry and mineralogy.

  • Some Fundamentals of Mineralogy and Geochemistry -
              a collection of more than 350 one-page illustrations.

  • Fundamentals of Quaternary Science -
              a growing collection of one-page illustrations.

  • Dynamic Plate Tectonics - illustrations by a non-tectonicist.

  • Petroleum Geoscience and Subsurface Geology -
              a collection of more than 130 one-page illustrations.

  • Illustrations in Oceanography -
              a collection of one-page illustrations.

  • The Transilience Project - a theory of everything.

  • An Atlas of Speleothem Microfabrics -
              an e-picture-book of stalagmites etc. with more than 100 illustrations.

  • Virtual field trips - images and illustrations of geology in the field.

  • A modern reprise of T.C. Chamberlin's Multiple Working Hypotheses.

  • Pages on What Science is (and isn't) - for students in general courses.

  • Railsback's Alpine and Glacial Geology,
              a 196-page textbook (and 353 MB download!)

  • Railsback's website of posters and photographs about the Lost River Mountains, the Big Lost River Valley, and the Arco Desert of southeastern Idaho



  • UGA GEOL 1122 - Earth's History of Global Change

  • UGA GEOL 3030 - Elementary Oceanography


    Pages for Students

  • Advice to students about graduate school and about academic careers

  • A page of Comments on ethical issues about research

  • Advice on Writing scientific papers and theses

  • Advice on Writing grant proposals

  • Advice on Editing scientific writing, mostly for grad students

  • Advice on Making plots to accompany papers

  • Advice on Giving a scientific talk


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